Entrepreneurs supported by our employees with the   organisation

The “Révélateur de Talents” (“Talent spotter”) competition has been organised annually over the last five years by the Créo organisation, which provides support for business creation. The aim is to help young entrepreneurs to create or develop their company. The competition is organised into two categories: “Emergence”, open to all competitors with a project, and “Young Creators”, for companies in business for less than three years.

For the first time, the TF1 Foundation has chosen to commit to the initiative, alongside L’Oréal, by backing 12 projects.

Some 180 applications were submitted for this year’s competition between January and May 2014. The jury (1) met in June to shortlist six projects in each category, or 12 projects in all, each one sponsored by an employee from the TF1 group and another from L’Oréal. Following the shortlisting phase, a speed dating session was organised on July 16 at TF1 so that 12 candidate sponsors from the Group could meet with the 12 entrepreneurs. Each sponsor chose their “sponsoree” on the basis of their skills and their interest in the project (2).

The sponsor’s role consists in supporting and guiding the sponsoree throughout their project through to their final viva. The sponsor provides a critical appraisal, shares their skills and know-how, and coaches their protégé (in elocution, verbal and non-verbal communication, addressing jury questions, and writing coaching).

From the speed dating session through to October 6, 2014, sponsors and sponsorees worked together on the final presentation of their project, organised on Tuesday October 7 at TF1. On the basis of those presentations, the jury selected the six winning projects (three per category). The awards ceremony was held on Thursday November 27, with the three prize-winners in each category receiving €5,000, €2,000 and €1,000 respectively.