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Our subsidiaries

TF1 Séries Films, the 100% movies/series channel

Launched in December 2012, HD1 changes its name in january 2018 and becomes TF1 Séries Films. It's the 100% movies/series channel.. TF1 Séries Films establishes as France’s only DTT channel solely devoted to movies and series. This focus is reinforced by a revamp and sharpening across the channel’s entire broadcast output, bringing in premium content to attract lovers of TV series and movies.

TF1, a leader in broadcasting television in France

TF1 is a family-focused and events-based channel. Viewers appreciate its diversified programme offering made up of drama, sport, cinema, children’s programmes, magazines and documentaries, with news programmes that turn a clear eye on the world.  France’s leading television channel, it maintains close ties with the public. The brief of TF1 is to inform and to entertain.

A warm, friendly channel, TV Breizh is the leader in the pay-to-view offer in France. Its programme schedule, made up of series, drama and films, conveys a clear promise: a relaxing experience with recognised brand names.

Histoire is dedicated to history documentaries and cultural debates that seek to shed new light on current events. By placing the emphasis on the origins of major events in the modern world, History conjugates the past in the present.

LCI, the french pionneer channel for 24/7 news

Launched in 1994, LCI pioneered 24-hour news in France. Recognised for its expertise in explanation and analysis, it is present on cable, satellite, ADSL, pay DTT, Internet and mobile phones (Android). By developing a rich editorial line, it has gained a bigger audience among the higher socio-professional categories, its core target audience. Since 2013, the platform MYTF1News has grouped the best of TF1 and LCI news, with a digital offering focused on real-time news and video content.

TF1 Publicité, a standard-setter in advertising

TF1 Publicité is a standard-setter in multi-audiovisual advertising in France, developing an innovative and diverse range of advertising media to bring advertisers bespoke communications solutions. Present on television, on the radio and on digital media, TF1 Publicité combines a wide range of advertising media with an understanding of new forms of media consumption, making it a partner of choice in this sector.

TFX, the general interest channel for millennials

TFX is the general interest channel for millennials on the DTT. Its programme schedule comprises thre key categories: to offer throughout the year a daily first-run reality TV show in access prime time, to produce prime time documentaries via adaptations of successful international franchises, and to increase focus on first-run content extends to channel’s movie offering, with a selection of movies popular with a younger demographic like Ted 2, Pixels and Pan.

Ushuaïa TV explores the planet and the wonders of nature. It is reinforcing its programme offering on adventure and the peoples of the world. This channel is also available in High Definition.

 TMC, the leading free digital terrestrial channel

TMC is historically the leading free digital terrestrial channel, thanks to its unique positioning as a general-interest and family-focused channel. Programmes fall into four main categories:  magazines, French drama, cinema and entertainment.

e-TF1, pionner of the digital revolution

e-TF1 develops Group presence across all digital media, through MYTF1 and the Connect function. It also manages the WAT entertainment platform and interactive systems used by the channel (Audiotel, text messages), as well as developing bespoke internet solutions through its interactive agency. 

TF1 Films Production, a powerhouse film production company

TF1 Films Production co-produces and pre-buys films such as Intouchables in 2011 (“Untouchable”, almost  19.5 million tickets) and Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu? in 2014 (“Serial bad weddings”, 11.8 million tickets). Investments include broadcasting rights for the TF1 Group as well as co-producer shares through which it is entitled to a share of the income generated. Thus making an active contribution to French and European cinema.

TF1 Production, a production company developping the Group's programmes

TF1 Production is a production company set up to develop the programme offering of TF1 and the Group. Its activities span magazines (50’ Inside, 90’ Enquêtes), entertainment (D.A.L.S, C’est Canteloup, etc.), drama  (RIS, standalone TV films), sporting events (Football and Rugby World Cup, Automoto, Téléfoot), documentaries (Ushuaïa Nature) and short formats (trailers, adverts, etc.). It also brings its expertise to live shows and tours.

Téléshopping, a leading home shopping player in France

Téléshopping is a leading home shopping player in France. It has two main activities: telesales and e-commerce, through programmes broadcast on TF1, catalogues and a website. At the same time, Téléshopping owns a network of shops and operates an infomercial activity under the Euroshopping brand on a number of freeview DTT, cable and satellite channels. In 2014, Téléshopping innovated by launching the first TV-commerce app.

TF1 Entertainment is a diversification and development subsidiary of the TF1 Group. It comprises the TF1 Games-Dujardin activity (board game publishing), TF1 Licences (merchandising licences) and TF1 Musique (partnerships and production of shows, exhibitions and records).

aufeminin Group

A leading creator of communities, aufeminin is a global media group present in over 20 countries in Europe, North Africa, North America and Latin America. Founded in 1999 to explore what a media group can do for women, the Group now includes iconic brands such as aufeminin, Marmiton, My Little Paris, Merci Alfred, Onmeda, EtoileCasting, Netmums, Zimbio, StyleBistro, Lonny and Livingly Media.