"The TF1 Group has been at Station F, the world’s biggest start-up campus, since January 2018. That shows how committed we are to being at the heart of the innovation ecosystem. Our accelerator program aims to experiment with and industrialise, within the TF1 environment, innovative solutions and services aligned on new trends in our markets and businesses. This six-month program epitomises our deep commitment to the new generation of entrepreneurs."

Arnaud Mopin, Head of Innovation

How it works


We have a team of specialist experts to help move collaborations forward. Each start-up has an operational sponsor tasked with bringing the joint project to fruition. Technical experts then take over to test, integrate and industrialise the solutions. 



We partner with Roland Berger Digital Ventures and the RAISE investment fund to provide coaching support to help start-ups meet the challenges of developing their venture (business strategy, fund-raising, product roadmap, etc). 


We also provide practical help: free office space for six months, dedicated budgets, access to our technical resources and data, advice on media strategy, and access to our client/partner networks.

Program alumni

As part of its transformation, the TF1 Group was keen to kick-start a dynamic open innovation collaboration with the startup ecosystem. Over the last 4 years, we have supported 21 startups, which have benefited from:

  • Support from an in-house sponsor, and close ongoing collaboration  
  • Station F's infrastructures and innovation-friendly environment
  • Excellent PR and media visibility
Season 04


SoundCast: Proprietary tech platform for web publishers enabling audio ads to be broadcast via podcast or web radio, across all devices. 
Collaboration objectives: TF1 Pub is already offering the 131 stations in the Indés Radios network digital audio ad capability using SoundCast’s adserving solution. The six-month collaboration will forge close links between TF1 Pub and SoundCast, who will work together to build the best solutions for monetising our spoken word content. 


LabSense: Unique, innovative solutions that use AI to automate the extraction and classification of content, and the process of making that content media-ready. The solution works for all types of content: text, spoken word, still images, video, etc. 
Collaboration objectives: Identify fields that are suitable for using raw data to generate content; this can save time on production of short, low added value items such as weather forecasts, pollution data and sports results. 



Datakalab: Uses AI for emotional data analytics, to improve the user experience. The start-up cross-matches transactional and digital data, which are then supplemented with emotional data insights. This helps consumer brands know their customers better, so that they can target their innovation strategies more effectively. 
Collaboration objectives: Datakalab will measure the ad attention of MYTF1 users by understanding their emotions. The TF1 Data department will collect the data in experimental mode, with a view to establishing clusters. 



The Source: Inspiration and content creation platform devised for mobiles and social networks. The Source will enable TF1 Pub to offer consumer brands access to a network of 1,200 content creators across 80 countries, whether by producing mobile-first assets or adapting campaigns to mobile format.

Collaboration objectives: Embed The Source’s solution into the client pathway in the Box Entreprises transactional platform, which mainly targets smaller business who do not have an external or in-house ad agency and want support in devising and producing a campaign, especially in the digital space. 


Ginkio: Platform that links media companies with journalism professionals. Ginkio’s systems match the company’s needs with the profiles of freelance professionals registered on the platform. LCI uses Ginkio to source independent content creators. 
Collaboration objectives: Ginkio is responding to the LCI editorial team’s need for new formats and new writers. LCI uses the platform to source specialist profiles such as motion designers, data journalists, podcasters, or experts


Would you like to work with the TF1 Group? 
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• If you have a collaborative mindset so we can inspire and challenge each other and share the value we create together 

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Head of Innovation
Arnaud Mopin
MediaLab Head of Communication
Lucile Baudrier