Our ethical commitments

Our ethical commitments


A Code of Ethics 

TF1 introduced its own Code of Ethics in 2014. 

Applying to everyone at the Group, the Code of Ethics aims to rally Group employees around essential values and rules of conduct, namely: compliance with applicable laws and regulations,  protection of the assets and higher interests of the Group, quality of relationships with internal and external stakeholders,  avoidance of conflicts of interests  and fight against corruption. 

The code of ethics reflects the TF1 willingness to promote good governance, to develop ethical relationships with all Group stakeholders and to raise employees awareness about legal requirements to prevent risks. The Code of Ethics also sets out the Group’s commitments regarding environmental and social responsibility, corporate philanthropy and responsible purchasing.

It includes a whistleblowing system enabling employees to inform the Group Head of Ethics of any infringements of the Code of Ethics they may observe in the carrying out of their duties and within a pre-established scope.

Compliance programmes 

Compliance programmes have been drafted to develop knowledge of four major themes in the Code of Ethics concerning the following risks: Competition Law, Corruption, Conflicts of interest, Stock Exchange Law and securities trading. 

These programmes serve a threefold purpose: to educate (what employees need to know about laws and regulations, reprehensible acts and related sanctions), to commit (what are the Group’s commitments and the underlying responsabilities of managers) and to prevent risks (through information, training, control devices and a whistleblowing system). The compliance programmes are accessible to all employees through the Group intranet system..

An Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

Simultaneously in July 2014, the Board of Directors decided to set up an Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, tasked with ensuring the promotion and respect of the Code of Ethics, with overseeing the Group CSR policy, and regularly reporting to the board. 

Our engagement with the United Nations

Since 2006, TF1 has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact , as proof of its commitment to carry out a corporate social responsibility policy, aiming at respecting human rights and the international labour rules, and fighting against corruption.

A Charter of Institutional Relations

The TF1 Group adopted a Charter of Institutional Relations that was approved by the CSR Committee in February 2016.  Applicable to all the Interest Representatives of the Group (employees and lobbying advisory firms) the charter defines the organisation, the objectives and undertakings of the Group regarding lobbying, in particular in the area of transparency, compliance and integrity of the relations with public authorities.

In line with the recommendations of Transparency International France, the Group affirms its willingness to reach the best practices and market expectations regarding the conduct of its institutional relations policy.



To obtain their authorisation to broadcast, TF1, LCI, TMC, NT1 and HD1 each signed an Agreement with the public authorities, represented by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA), France’s media regulator. These agreements comprise a set of obligations, part of which relate to ethics and compliance of broadcast programmes,,  such as : quality  and reliability of news, respect of human rights, protection of minors,  prohibition of surreptitious advertising, plurality of opinions, and the equal treatment of air time for political parties.

The fulfillment of these obligations, which  is operated through an ongoing dialogue with the regulatory authority, is a constant preoccupation for the Broadcasting and other dedicated Departments of the Group such as (Secretariat-General, Legal Departments, Compliance Department...) 

The Group’s channels send a report on their commitments every year to the CSA, who reviews and publishes an opinion on them.