Meet us

TF1 stays constantly in touch with its audience by offering exclusive content through its numerous media channels (TV, Internet, mobile networks, etc.).

Alongside this contact through multiple screens, the channel and its personalities have been making a special effort for over seven years to be in even closer touch with you.

One important way TF1 has cultivated this unique link is by coming out to meet you where you live.

Personalities at the channel have travelled to more than two hundred cities and towns all across the country. The aim of these visits is summed up by the name of this initiative: "Les journées de proximité" (“TF1 Comes to Town”). They are exciting occasions for meeting and talking, sharing stories and ideas, and having fun.

From a summer tour to meetings with high school students, shows and close partnerships with local media and authorities, every effort is made to strengthen the special ties that exist between TF1 & You.

Find out where we will be going in the future by checking our agenda on the Vous&Nous page.