Join in!

Because many of you want to know how to take part in our casting sessions and attend live recordings of our programmes, we have created a special page on TF1&Vous.

The page includes lists of all current casting sessions and includes information on how to attend recordings of our programmes.

All TF1 casting events are featured on the page, including one-off sessions – for shows such as The Voice, Koh-Lanta and Qui veut épouser mon fils? – and ongoing sessions for programmes such as Money Drop, Les Douze Coups de Midi, Bienvenue chez nous and 4 mariages pour 1 lune de miel. Feel free to contact the TV Viewer Relations Department with any of your questions.

Many of you also contact us to attend one of our programmes live. Our diverse programme line-up is sure to bring you the experience you are looking for, be it festive and colourful with Danse avec les stars, entertaining and cheerful with Le Juste Prix, musical and intensely emotional with The Voice, laughter-inducing with C’est Canteloup!, or sporty with Téléfoot

Go to the “Join in” page on TF1&Vous to find out about all our current casting sessions and live show recordings that you can attend. 

The TF1 group’s TV Viewers Relations Department is there for you if you should have any questions. Contact the department via the TF1&Vous page.