Are you curious, spontaneous, bold and optimistic? Are you looking for an internship or block-release training? Then look no further.

This year alone, TF1 has hired 339 people on block-release training programmes and 212 interns. They bring to the table a broad range of personality types, aspirations, viewpoints and skills which enrich our daily lives. Joining TF1 will enable you to learn some fascinating skills and quickly take on genuine responsibilities. 

When you start work you will join our in-house induction programme. This will introduce you to the 200 different job profiles on offer within our group, in areas as diverse as journalism, audiovisual techniques, production, programming, digital, marketing, PR, human resources, IT, law, finance, and sales. You will meet people who are passionate about their work, serious but with a sense of fun, who will help you build your future.

So let’s meet! Find us throughout the year at your school’s career forums, and we’ll also be doing schools outreach. To learn more, visit our “Save the date” web page. Every year, we arrange a job speed dating event at our offices: there are around 100 internships and traineeships on offer. It’s a chance for you to come and see what we do.

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