Registration Document - Adjustment - 19 April 2018

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19th April 2018

As explained at today’s Annual General Meeting, remuneration criterion P4 as used in the determination of the Executive Officer’s remuneration is calculated excluding exceptional items.

The italicised text below is therefore added to the wording of pages 86 and 97 of the 2017 Registration Document:
Page 86: “Criterion P4: year-on-year change in consolidated net profit attributable to the Group excluding exceptional items for TF1 (35% of fixed remuneration when the objective is met; captures growth performance relative to the previous financial year);”
Page 97: “P4: Actual consolidated net profit excluding exceptional items (CNP) of TF1 for the financial year/Objective = CNP for the 2017 financial year.”

The amended version of the Registration Document, which cancels and replaces the previous version, is available on the TF1 website: and on the AMF website:

Download the document - 0.34Mo