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26th September 2018

Boulogne, 25 September 2018



2018/2019 EDITION


TFOU and SACD, joint organisers of the latest edition of the TFOU D’ANIMATION cartoon screenplay competition, unveiled this year’s theme today.

For this fifth edition, entrants are asked to deploy their creativity to promote the virtues of talking: to take the heat out of arguments between kids, to avoid misunderstandings, and to defuse conflict and aggression. The topic will encourage girls and boys alike to say what they are feeling and communicate better with others.

The competition invites screenwriters to develop a screenplay on this topic, illustrated by the slogan “Haut les mots, Bas les mains!” (“Let’s talk not fight!”), for a film no more than ninety seconds long. The cartoon – which is aimed at 6-10 year-olds of both sexes – must combine a strong storyline with entertainment value, using an original and imaginative treatment that fits with the light-hearted, wacky tone characteristic of the TFOU channel.

The winning entry will be chosen by a jury of professionals from TFOU and SACD; SNE and the Enfance Majuscule charity, who are partnering the competition; and the production company Dandelooo.

Entries will be judged on various criteria including the quality and imaginativeness of the screenplay; how well it addresses the target audience; and how well it encourages kids to talk when they interact socially. It should be fun but not too preachy, realistic or wordy.

The TFOU D’ANIMATION awards ceremony will take place in mid-December. The winner will receive a prize worth 2,000 euros donated by SACD (or 4,000 euros if there are joint winners).  


NEW THIS YEAR: “TFOU D’ANIMATION” is extending its talent search to animators. Once the winning screenplay has received its award, a fresh competition will be launched in which young animation school graduates from the RECA network (a 28-strong federation of cinema and animation schools) will compete to direct the film.


Production of the film – handled by the Dandelooo production house – will begin in March 2019 , and will be funded jointly to the tune of 18,000 euros by the TF1 group and SACD, with participation (for the first time ever) from TF1 Initiatives. The winning film will be unveiled on TFOU and across the channel’s ecosystem before the summer of 2019. Full details of how to enter the competition are available in TFOU on MyTF1; via links on the website, the SACD website (; and via the social media accounts of the TF1 group and the competition partners.


About TFOU :

TFOU is TF1’s space for kids, and the favourite channel for 4-10 year-olds in France. The channel carries over 750 hours of kids’ programmes every year: cartoon series, shorts, magazines, gameshows and more. In 2017, TFOU performed exceptionally well, reaching a 24.3% average audience share of 4-10 year-olds (Source: Médiamétrie)

About SACD :

SACD, the French Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers, was founded by Beaumarchais in 1777, and ever since has been managed jointly by its author-members. It represents over 61,000 authors involved in the film and broadcasting industries, plus creators of digital content and live theatre. It collectively manages and defends their rights, and provides services and professional support. SACD also helps fund contemporary creative works and their dissemination via the private copying levy. The organisation is very involved in defending cultural diversity and uses its presence on national and international bodies to protect authors and their works, and to defend their status and earning capacity.



About SNE :

With 670 members, SNE (the French Publishers’ Association) believes that the future of the publishing industry must be built on collective action. Its key missions are to represent publishers; defend copyright, the fixed book price, cultural diversity and the freedom to publish; and promote books and reading. The SNE has a special “Kids” section comprising some 60 publishing houses, with the collective aim of promoting children’s literature.

About ENFANCE Majuscule:

Founded in 1936 by the journalist Alexis Danan, the Enfance Majuscule charity champions the rights of children by identifying and safeguarding at-risk children (by taking them into care if necessary), and through information and awareness campaigns. Staffed by volunteers from all walks of life and supported by many partner organisations, Enfance Majuscule fights daily to ensure children are treated well in all contexts. The charity’s annual Media Awards offer prizes for outstanding TV programmes dealing with child protection issues. Enfance Majuscule also organises seminars and publishes books and information packs, and has three patrons: Michel Cymes, Richard Berry and Boris Cyrulnik.

About TF1 Initiatives :

Why not bring about change? We are France’s leading media group. That gives us responsibilities, and also a big wish list: solidarity, diversity, a sustainable society. We have always tried to make a difference.
With TF1 Initiatives, we work together to change things. Find out about and share the positive vibe around TF1 Initiatives using the hashtag #ONDESPOSITIVES or via the @TF1INITIATIVES Twitter feed.





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