NT1 and HD1 get a makeover : HD1 becomes TF1 Séries Films, and NT1 becomes TFX

NT1 and HD1 get a makeover : HD1 becomes TF1 Séries Films, and NT1 becomes TFX

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Boulogne, 29 january 2018




On 29 January at 8.55pm: HD1 becomes TF1 Séries Films
On 30 January at 9pm: NT1 becomes TFX

After the successful editorial relaunch of TMC and LCI, the TF1 group is finalising the makeover of its brand portfolio with the rebranding of NT1 et HD1.

The new names, logos and visual identities of the two channels have three aims:

  • giving greater clarity to our multi-channel strategy by achieving brand consistency across our five DTT channels;
  • affirming the channels’ family ties with the TF1 parent channel;
  • strengthening their identity and expressing their editorial promise more forcefully;

The rebranding is accompanied by a revamp of programming on both channels to bring in new concepts and a raft of exclusives and first-run programmes..



The new identity for TFX, developed by the Argentinean agency SuperStudio, uses all the visual codes and cultural references of the millennial generation.

TFX is using the rebranding to bolster programming for its target audience with a plethora of first-run content:

  • TFX will now offer throughout the year a daily first-run reality TV show in access prime time, along the lines of the new season of La Villa des cœurs brisés or the upcoming season of 10 Couples parfaits.
  • Another new departure sees TFX moving into the production of prime time documentaries via adaptations of successful international franchises such as Tattoo Cover, Regarde-moi: un silence pour tout se dire (a version of Look me in the eye) and Running Wild (presented by Bear Grylls and featuring guests such as Ben Stiller, Julia Roberts and Barack Obama).
  • The increased focus on first-run content extends to TFX’s movie offering, with a selection of movies popular with a younger demographic like Ted 2, Pixels and Pan.
  • The same applies to series, with the screening of the latest seasons of the generational series 2 Broke girls and Dragon Ball Super.

To create an even bigger impact, TFX is announcing that Karine Ferri is to join the channel, alongside the channel’s familiar faces Christophe Beaugrand and Elsa Fayer. TFX has ambitions to attract a new generation of talents from the web (such as the Lolywood collective, who made their debut last autumn), drawing on the talent pool of MCN Studio71.

The TFX launch evening will feature the DTT premiere of Fast & Furious 7



The new high-end visual identity developed by the 17Mars agency firmly establishes TF1 Séries Films as France’s only DTT channel solely devoted to movies and series.

This focus is reinforced by a revamp and sharpening across the channel’s entire broadcast output, bringing in premium content to attract lovers of TV series and movies.

  • TF1 Séries Films will be systematically incorporated into the new programming schedules of TF1’s flagship series, offering the cream of recent French drama such as Mention Particulière and Les Innocents.
  • The channel will also offer first runs of original French productions such as Guépardes, a new daily soap produced by Bangumi that follows the fortunes of four young female A&R managers in the music business. The channel will also show in full the first season of the series Marseille, Netflix’s first French production.
  • In addition, TF1 Séries Films is developing a strategy of first-run cutting-edge international series, and will soon offer viewers the unencrypted premiere of the La servante écarlate (The Handmaid’s Tale), as well as Training Day, Roadies and 22.11.63.
  • The channel is also raising its game in movies, screening films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Descendants and Elle l’adore.

The TF1 SERIES FILMS launch evening will feature the first episode of the daily soap Guépardes, followed by the movie Fury.