Partnerships: tutoring, sponsoring and skills patronage

Partnerships: tutoring, sponsoring and skills patronage


Our organisation partners

Sponsoring and tutoring are a valid response to the phenomenon of networks, from which not all young people benefit.

The TF1 Foundation works together with organisations that address the problems of young people in the job market by offering them advice and support in the form of sponsoring and tutoring. TF1 group employees commit by sponsoring students in priority education areas, helping them to decide on their future career paths and expand their professional networks.


“Talents Optimistes”

With our Foundation we seek to bring as many people as possible the keys to entering the professional world on a firm footing (such as learning the ins and outs of CV writing and mastering job interviews).

The partnership with the Talents Optimistes organisation brought us contacts with university students and the framework required for putting our key HR and strategic skills at their service. The initiative is a perfect complementary fit, with Talents Optimistes organising workshops and forums with the students and our company meeting and working with them.

With several million university students in France finding it difficult to project themselves into their future professional lives, the partnership serves a real-life purpose. The job market is particularly hostile and very few university students benefit from real support in their process of successfully integrating the professional world. Talents Optimistes has also taken on a reality rarely factored in by organisations: a diploma does not ensure systematic access to employment.

From what I have gathered, Talents Optimistes relies to a great extent on a young and dynamic team made up of people who are students themselves, which facilitates contact with the students in the programme and enhances understanding of the issues at play. In addition, the entire team is extremely motivated, involved and truly concerned by the situations of the young people benefitting from the organisation’s support.

Mozaïk RH and Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

The Foundation is growing its network of partners working towards the integration of young people from priority urban areas.

Mozaïk RH (“HR mosaic”) and Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (“Our neighbourhoods have talent”) are our contacts with the public in question. Our communication is developed in close partnership with grassroots players because it is mainly based on word of mouth. It extends to our network of partners who lead prospection initiatives with young job-seekers, notably in areas located far from government employment service infrastructures.

We also rely on the local knowledge of local organisations to identify and target potential candidates as effectively as possible.

Once our partners have detected the young people in question, we call on them to organise meetings in the shape of forums, panel discussions, conferences, talks and collective information meetings.

Our partnerships with public institutions

  • Signature of an agreement between the TF1 group and the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis.
  • Signature of a new agreement with the Prefect of Val d’Oise.
  • Signature of a new agreement with the Ministry of Urban Affairs.


Partnership between the TF1 Foundation and Arcancil Paris

To pursue its work with the young people targeted by the Ministry of Urban Affairs, which is endeavouring to facilitate their professional integration, the TF1 Foundation has formed a partnership with the Arcancil Paris brand.

A meeting of shared values and ambitions, the partnership is based on four founding pillars: the promotion of all types of diversity, leadership by women, entrepreneurship, and positive spirit. The partnership will extend through all the initiatives led by the TF1 Foundation, notably in the co-development of ideas on “leadership by women”, including:

  • The presence of an Arcancil Paris team alongside the Foundation for initiatives and events in priority urban areas.
  • The co-design with the LCI editorial team of a “Club LCI” programme in autumn 2015 dedicated to women in all sectors of society.
  • The organisation of a competition on female entrepreneurship, with the support of additional partners (including Banque Publique d’Investissement).
  • The participation of Arcancil Paris on the jury of the TF1 Foundation’s annual competition.
  • Coaching initiatives for TF1 Foundation candidates during the competition and support for the winners after they enter the Group (HR coaching, fashion and make-up advice).