The TF1 Company Foundation supports initiatives by organisations and individuals that uphold projects tying in with the businesses and events of the TF1 group.

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Our values:

  • Fight against all forms of discrimination
  • Socially integrate young people from disadvantaged areas
  • Foster relations between young people and companies
  • Engage the company with young people in their personal and professional initiatives
  • Support young entrepreneurs

Our objectives:

The Company Foundation’s initiatives are part of the global approach of the TF1 group and address two objectives in our commitment to sustainable development:

  • Commit to innovative, socially-responsible actions
  • Foster equal opportunities

Our target:

Young people from priority urban areas (see the Ministry of Urban Affairs map) aged from 18 to 30 for professional projects and 12-17 year-olds for the discovery of our company.

Our key focuses:

  • Favour the professional integration of young people at our company
  • Foster meetings between our employees and the student community
  • Encourage the discovery of the TF1 company through organised visits and internships for 14-15 year-old students
  • Organise and implement tutoring and sponsoring in collaboration with our employees
  • Sponsor young entrepreneurs

The Bouygues Foundations Club


  • Dialogue with the Group’s different foundations
  • Pool certain projects
  • Implement a shared project with all the foundations 


  • Francis Bouygues Foundation
  • Bouygues Construction Foundation
  • Bouygues Immobilier Foundation
  • Bouygues Telecom Foundation
  • Colas Foundation
  • Alstom Foundation
  • TF1 Foundation