Managing Director of TF1 PUB and Sport


Born in 1971, François Pellissier joined the TF1 Group in 1995 as part of the team in the TF1 Publicité marketing department. He then moved to the internet sales department, becoming its Director in 2001.
In 2005 François Pellissier was appointed Associate Director for sponsorship and diversification, and in 2006 he took up the post of Associate Director of WAT.
In 2007, François Pellissier joined TF1 Production as Vice President.
In 2010, he became Vice President of TF1 Production with responsibility for sport, shorts and trailers, and in September 2014 he took charge of Sports Rights Acquisitions.
In September 2016, François Pellissier was appointed Managing Director of TF1 Production.
In 2019, he was appointed Managing Director of TF1 PUB and Sport at the TF1 Group. He has also been Chairman of TF1 Entertainment since 1 September 2019.