Ethics and CSR Committee


The Ethics and CSR Committee is composed of at least two Directors. It does not include any Executive Director. The Committee’s Chairman is an independent Director. A Director may not be appointed to the Ethics and CSR Committee if a corporate officer of TF1 is a member of an analogous committee at a company in which this Director is himself or herself a Corporate Officer.

The Ethics and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee was created on 24 July 2014. Since 18 April 2019, its members have been Catherine DUSSART, Chairwoman and independent Director, Marie ALLAVENA, independent Director, and Sophie LEVEAUX TALAMONI, Director representing the staff.

Remit of the Ethics and CSR Committee

The Selection Committee is governed by Internal Procedures that set forth its tasks and duties. These Internal Procedures are regularly modified by the Board of Directors:

The committee’s remit is:

■ in the sphere of ethics:

−  to contribute to the definition of a Code of Conduct or rules to guide the behaviour of executives and all employees,

−  to propose or offer an opinion on ways to promote exemplary professional behaviour,

−  to see that the values and Code of Conduct thus defined are followed;

■ in the sphere of CSR:

− to examine at least once a year issues the Group is facing in the areas of environmental, social and societal responsibility, − to transmit to the Board an opinion on the CSR report provided for by Article L. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code.