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The TF1 Media Lab has been selected by Station F on the strength of its innovation-driven investment and developments to represent the media alongside emblematic international tech players and sector-leading French groups recognised for their innovative drive.


The TF1 group will be rolling out an acceleration programme at Station F targeted at start-ups offering solutions in content and media, organised into three main areas: content creation, production and distribution. These offerings include new formats, new content, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, automation solutions, user generated content, new distribution modes, and content recommendation.
Every year, the programme will accommodate up to ten start-ups for two six-month acceleration sessions. During that period, the firms will benefit from support from TF1 group business sponsors and experts. Two other key players in the innovation ecosystem, L'Atelier BNP Paribas and the RAISE endowment fund, round out the support system to help start-ups address their strategic challenges in terms of business, strategy, fundraising, etc.

The programme has two objectives:

  • Foster the business development and growth of start-ups in France and Europe through support from TF1 group business experts
  • Speed up the transformation of the Group by harnessing the start-ups’ technological solutions and developing potential new business partnerships.

Gilles Pélisson: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the TF1 group
"A group like TF1 is duty bound to support the young generations of entrepreneurs and open innovators on topics touching on our core business. Alongside 'One Inno', our start-up investment fund, and our partnership with RAISE on media for equity to support their development, our presence at Station F will enable us to harness talents and new forms of intelligence to help transform the TF1 group." 

For more than two years, the TF1 group has been accelerating its digital strategy with the aim of developing innovative solutions and investing in new territories. The Group has launched an open innovation approach embodied in an incubation programme. After a productive initial year of collaboration with eight start-ups, a second season was launched in partnership with Numa and focused on seven digital start-ups working in adtech, virtual reality, innovative news formats, gaming and data. Supplementing the programme, in June 2016 the Group launched One Inno, a vehicle for supporting and protecting start-ups in their business acceleration phases.
STATION F is the world's largest start-up campus. Opened in June 2017 in Paris, it is supported by Xavier Niel, the founder of Free Telecom, Kima Ventures, and the "42" Development School. The 34,000 m² campus can house over 1,000 start-ups and, starting in 2018, will add additional space to accommodate a further 600 people.