To respond to new ways of consuming content and conquer new audiences, the TF1 group has for more than a year been developing a spoken word offering aimed at podcast platforms and conversational user interfaces.
Aiming to deploy ever more innovative solutions and services within its environment, the TF1 group is backing open innovation and collaboration with the start-up ecosystem. Since 2018, the TF1 Media Lab has been at Station F, the iconic flagship of French innovation, representing the media sector via an accelerator programme that is already hosting its 3rd intake of start-ups.
For several seasons now, the TF1 group has been partnering with the Ministry of Sport, the Gender Equality Commission and the CSA on a weekend that showcases women’s sport in the media. This year, the TF1 group is covering this initiative not only on the core channel’s news bulletins and sport programmes, but also on the LCI rolling news channel.
TF1 Media Lab announces that via its One Innovation fund the TF1 group has acquired a minority stake in the start-up Wosmu, publisher of Delitoon, France’s leading digital platform for mangas and webtoons*.
TF1 group takes a stake in start-up Synchronized
Via its One Innovation investment fund, TF1 Media Lab is taking a minority equity stake in Synchronized, a start-up whose Smart Video platform can transform any TV programme into an enhanced, personalised experience.