Community-minded commitments

Community-minded commitments

Every year, the channels and structures of the TF1 group support a host of organisations working across France on a broad range of social issues.

The support comes in a wide range of forms, from boosting visibility to making direct contributions, and includes the production of ad films, free ad spaces, special campaigns, appeals for donations, donations of game show winnings, cash donations, and special reports on MYTF1 and the social media.

We support Les Pièces JaunesLes Restos du Coeurle Sidaction and ELA (the fight against leukodystrophy) on a regular basis. More than 150 other organisations big and small benefited from visibility or direct support in 2015 with the Group providing a total donation value of €36.5 million.

Solidarity Committee

The Solidarity Committee, created in 2001, coordinates TF1’s community-minded initiatives related to requests from charity organisations. It brings together representatives from Broadcasting (TF1, LCI, TMC and NT1), News, Advertising Sales, Human Resources, Internal Communication, the Company Foundation and the CSR department. The Solidarity Committee is chaired by Frédéric Ivernel, Director of External Communication, and run by the TF1 Foundation, notably by the Foundation’s General Delegate Samira Djouadi. The Foundation is also responsible for relations with organisations.

The Solidarity Committee ensures that a broad range of causes are represented and that donations are attributed in a fair manner. It also maintains top-quality relations with beneficiary organisations.

How to request Group aid? 

Group aid is primarily provided to not-for-profit organisations (under the French Act of 1901) having operated for at least two years in mainland France and the French Overseas Departments and Territories.

Aid comes in two main forms: 

For organisations with national or international visibility: donations are mainly made in kind – largely in the form of free ad space – with a view to boosting awareness of the organisation’s actions. Requests for free ad space should be sent to SNPTV (France’s national union of television advertising) via the “Major Causes” page. 

For more modestly sized organisations: the Solidarity Committee  may award amounts of €3,000 to €10,000 as part of a global sum determined each year. The priority goes to organisations working in French regions or sensitive areas for the direct benefit of the people concerned.

Topics taken into account: 

TF1 is a founding partner of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, focused on environmental issues and redistributing part of the aid it receives to grassroots organisations. As such, the topics selected by the Solidarity Committee mainly concern social issues, and more specifically, the following three topics in 2015 and 2016:

  • Disabilities, health and research.
  • The protection of children; education and training.
  • The promotion of equal opportunities and diversity.