Our social commitments

Our initiatives on diversity
Taking differences into account so as to develop programmes that speak about everybody is a clear priority for TF1. The Group was the first media company in France to receive the Diversity Label, in 2010. Addressing diversity also involves making our programmes and website accessible to the sight- and hearing-impaired, using an adapted subtitling and audio description system. 

TF1’s commitment to solidarity
Each year, the TF1 group’s brands lend their support in a variety of ways to many organisations that work each day, all across France, on behalf of many different causes.

The TF1 group offers these organisations ample opportunities to communicate information about their initiatives via its broadcasting channels and digital media. Support in this form includes free airing of advertisements, special operations, stories in newscasts, appeals for donations, special programmes, and special reports on MYTF1 and the social networks.

The TF1 group is also adding to the assistance it provides to these organisations by directly financing numerous projects.

For more information regarding the organisations we support, you may check this page.  

The TF1 Company Foundation
The TF1 Foundation is bubbling over with ideas to fight against discrimination. The Foundation provides talented young individuals with experience and training to bring them closer to the job world and initiates dialogue in the suburbs and the country and dispels stereotypes about both worlds. These combats are the focus of the Foundation’s delegate general, Samira Djouadi.