After 15 years of engaging in a large number of collective initiatives for the benefit of society, the TF1 group is launching our “Week of Engagement”.
Nouvelle attribution à TF1 du Label Relation Fournisseurs et Achats responsables
The Supplier Relations and Responsible Procurement Label, first awarded to TF1 in 2014, was renewed on 28 March 2018 by Afnor Certification and the label selection committee.
A Sidaction partner since the organisation was founded 24 years ago, the TF1 group continued our partnership with the association from 19 to 25 March through TF1 Initiatives.
TF1 Initiatives supports the Sport dans la Ville association, which uses sport to foster a sense of community through the values of caring, helping and diversity.
Launching of TF1 Initiatives
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