Viva Technology 2018: TF1 Opens a Corner for Those Making a Positive Impact

Viva Technology 2018: TF1 Opens a Corner for Those Making a Positive Impact

This year's Viva Technology, the global hub where start-ups and innovation leaders come together, will take place from 24 to 26 May. 

A longtime event partner, the TF1 group will once again be on hand to spotlight our innovations and solutions designed to meet corporate transformational challenges, with a special corner reserved for start-ups that have a positive impact.


The Média Lab TF1 Positive Impact Corner

For two years and counting, the TF1 group has been uniting our innovation-focused actions under the banner of the Média Lab TF1. In early 2018, we rolled out an accelerator programme at Station F for start-ups that have content- and media-focused solutions. 

Média Lab TF1 will be represented by 28 start-ups at Viva Technology. Four of these will be at the special corner dedicated to the ways that media can have a positive impact on society.             

The aim of the Spark News media content platform is to signal-boost those innovations that have a positive impact, and to inspire others to get in the game and share their solutions. The start-up offers corporate programmes designed to raise awareness and promote initiatives that have a positive impact.

The Ladies Sports digital news platform was created to make women's sport, which is still underrepresented in the media today, more visible to a wider audience.

This start-up uses virtual reality to promote efforts that have a positive impact and to raise awareness of sustainable development by creating immersive experiences.

An innovative digital accessibility solution, FACIL’iti provides customised modifications to website displays based on user needs (visual impairment, Parkinson's disease, dyslexia, epilepsy, etc.).


Média Lab TF1 will host a roundtable on May 25 focusing on the theme of "Positive Impact: Responsible Media". Four guest speakers will be on hand to discuss this issue with Stéphanie Boissin, director of the TF1 Innovation unit:
Sandra de Baillencourt, Sparknews director; Catherine Puiseux-Kakpo, TF1 CSR director; Sylvia Amicone, LCI journalist; and Christophe Sommet, associate director for theme channels at TF1.


FACIL'iti – Better Digital Accessibility

The TF1 group recently implemented the FACIL’iti solution on the website. The goal is to optimise the accessibility of the news site for persons with physical disabilities and for seniors.

The FACIL'iti start-up has developed an innovative digital accessibility solution, a tool that adapts website displays to suit the visual, motor and/or cognitive needs of the user. This tool can be quickly installed on any existing website.

The topic of digital accessibility was addressed a few weeks ago at the TF1 group during a hackathon where employees worked together on two projects:

  • Upgrading the accessibility of the MYTF1 site and application for people living with certain physical disabilities.
  • Developing certain features for the application and website of the Entourage association, which works on behalf of the homeless.

The digital accessibility of the TF1 group platforms is regularly optimised by developers and by the Accessibility department, which is in charge of subtitling for deaf and hearing impaired individuals.

Find out about all our humanitarian initiatives on our @TF1Initiatives Twitter page.