Mobilising Employees with a Hackathon

Mobilising Employees with a Hackathon

As part of the Week of Engagement that ran from 9 to 13 April, around forty TF1 group employees came together to pool their knowledge and technical expertise during a day-long hackathon.

The goal was to make progress on two good causes :

  • Upgrading the accessibility of the MYTF1site and application for people living with disabilities.
  • Developing features for the Entourage application and improving the association's website.

Employees who volunteered were freed from their usual tasks so they could meet to engage in some collaborative hacking and to help move these two projects forward.

Skill Sharing

Divided into six teams, the employees started by attending a presentation from Orange on the topic of digital accessibility, before getting hands-on with it.

Four teams worked on the accessibility of the MYTF1 site and application. By the end of the day, audio descriptions had been optimised for visually impaired individuals on elements such as video titles, programme information and adverts.

The application for the Entourage association, which puts residents in contact with homeless people living in their neighbourhood, also got a boost from the skills of two developer teams. Features were optimised, making it much more user-friendly for the association's volunteers and residents.

A Lasting Commitment

This hackathon marked the close of the Week of Engagement, and it gave group employees a chance to make a real difference on the issue of digital accessibility for MYTF1 and the development of the Entourage application.

Features will continue to be developed and optimised over the coming weeks.

Photos from the event: