C’est quoi cette question ? invites us to open up and accept our differences

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C'est quoi cette question ? (which translates to "What kind of question is that?") is a show produced and developed by CAPA Presse that will air on TF1 starting 21 July. The first series focuses on four themes relating to individuals who are too often subject to discrimination:

* Wheelchair users

* Gays and lesbians

* Disadvantaged neighbourhoods

* Individuals with trisomy 21

Romantic relationships, everyday tasks, how they are perceived by society – on camera, they share their honest, unfiltered, moving and sometimes hilarious answers to questions many have but no one dares to ask. In an effort to promote dialogue and respect between all kinds of people, C’est quoi cette question ? invites us to open up and accept our differences.

With support from TF1 Initiatives For over 15 years, the TF1 Group has worked tirelessly to promote diversity and solidarity by supporting initiatives that make a difference and by contributing to important causes, especially through our stations and programmes. The TF1 Initiatives programme continues this effort, creating a more concrete vision for the group: helping everyone in France to live better together.

Per Arnaud Bosom, Executive Vice President for Human Relations and CSR at the TF1 Group: "Promoting diversity is an integral part of the TF1 Group mission: sharing positive energy. As a media outlet, we must reflect changes to society and help to forge better social bonds. Through our programmes, we aim to represent everyone so that we can speak to each individual, showing the full tapestry of French society without glossing over areas or stereotyping. 'C'est quoi cette question ?' aligns with our TF1 Initiatives approach and we are proud to offer this never-before-broadcast format on the air and on MYTF1."

The long versions of the episodes (3 minutes) will also be available on MYTF1 starting 21 July. Find out about all our community efforts on the @TF1Initiatives Twitter page.