In September 2015, the TF1 Group’s Innovation Division and Paris&Co signed a partnership agreement to create an incubator for innovative startups under the conceptual umbrella of “New Products and Services.”
Nearly 200 cooperative-education students were warmly welcomed on the morning of November 10, 2015, for their orientation assembly. The event gave these young people and their tutors the chance to learn about their company in a unique presentation filled with fun and surprises.
The 10th annual Trophées de la Diversité awards, an event organized by Diversity Conseil, a Paris HR consulting firm, honored the TF1 Foundation for its innovative approach to social and professional integration of young people from challenged neighborhoods.
When Marty McFly, aka Michael J. Fox, of the Back to the Future trilogy, arrives in the future – October 21, 2015 –, the world imagined by the screenwriters of the time is packed with amazing objects, some still fantastic to our modern-day eyes, others that have since become realities.
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